T-Racks Group Buy Deal Extended Through December 31

I don’t normally publicize deals like this, but here’s one that’s too good not to know about. Every now and then, IK Multimedia has a “group buy” special on their T-Racks series of DAW processing plug-in. After 500 orders, the offer becomes buy on, get one free. Another 500 orders and you get two free, and so on until it reaches their limit, which it has, so now when you buy one, you get four of equal or lower price free. Most of them run in the $100-$125 range and these plug-ins have had a fair amount of positive reviews, so it might be a good idea to fill up your tool chest for Christmas.

Check out the T-Racks collection here.

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Avid S3/Pro Tools Webinar – December 9

The S3 is Avid’s latest in their series of EuCon DAW control surfaces. The implementation has come a long way since Avid (Digidesign, I think, at the time) took over the remains of the Euphonix console and brought out a modular system of control surfaces. These were pretty bare bones, but offered the advantage of much lower control latency by using Ethernet rather than MIDI to connect to the computer. The S3 finally looks like a real console with a full user interface that even makes me feel pretty comfortable, at least from the quick run-through that I had at the last AES show. In addition to being a control surface, the S3 includes a 4-in x 6-out computer audio interface, though currently only supported on MacOS computers.

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 2 PM Eastern time, Avid will present a webinar with producer Ken Andrews, who will demonstrate workflow using the S3 throughout the process of recording and mixing a song.

The S3 is kind of pricey, about $5,000, and supports Pro Tools 11 (of course), Avid’s Media Composer, and has limited support for Logic Pro X, Cubase, and Nuendo.

The webinar is free, but registration is required. Click here to register.

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Two Interesting Events Coming Up in the Washington DC Area

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 7:00 PM
Recovering and Preserving Sound Images: An Encounter with IRENE

Library of Congress
James Madison Building, Room LM SB-27
Meet in the Madison Building lobby. Attendees will be escorted from there to the IRENE studio

Presenter: Peter Alyea, Digital Conservation Specialist, Preservation Reformatting Division

This is the system you may have read about that (short explanation) takes a high resolution digital picture of a phonograph record’s grooves, and then performs what amounts to a Fourier analysis of the groove waveform to convert the squiggles to audio. Developed in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the IRENE System images historical recordings and reconstructs the sound from those images. Peter Alyea demonstrates how this new technology has given voice to previously inaccessible sound recordings.

Tickets are required for this event. Get them from TicketMaster. Tickets are free, but the service charge is $3.

This is a Library of Congress presentation.

and . . . .

Saturday, November 15 –  A tour of the Library of Congress’ National Audio-Visual Conservation Center (NAVCC) in Culpepper, VA.

The state-of-the-art NAVCC facility houses the entire non-print media collection from the Library’s Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound division. The collection includes items from the beginning of film, recorded sound, and video up to the present. The campus includes underground climate-controlled storage facilities for the nearly 6.2 million items in the collection, including blast-proof vaults for notrate and cold storage for film, video and audio recordings of virtually every format. You will also see the facilities used to convert the recordings to digital files, including the SAMMA media conversion systems, Pyramix audio conversion systems, and Datacine film telecine.

Speakers will include James Snyder, Senior Systems Administrator and one of the design engineers for the technical plant; Scott Rife, Enterprise IT Administrator; and other NAVCC staff.


Social & Networking: 12:00pm
Meeting begins: 1:00pm
Refreshment break and tours: after meeting
Event should end about 5:00pm

Library of Congress
National Audio-Visual Conservation Center
19053 Mount Pony Rd
Culpeper, VA 22701-7551

RSVP is requested for this event! Please email eric@lab-tech-systems.com by 11/13. Last minute show-ups may be accommodated, but no promises.

Participants may also attend the NAVCC’s regular 7:30pm public film screening in the fabulous 1920s movie-palace-inspired theater. Tonight’s selections will be a double-feature of “In Name Only”, with Cary Grant and Carol Lombard, and “Bachelor Mother” with Ginger Rogers and David Niven.
Separate reservations required: http://www.loc.gov/avconservation/theater

Official meeting notice:


What the NAVCC’s Packard Campus facility is all about, including directions to the facility:


This event is sponsored jointly by the DC chapters of AES and SMPTE and is free.

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2014 AES Show Report Posted

My report on the 2014 Audio Engineering Society convention in Los Angeles, California, October 9-12 2014 is now posted. Read or download it directly here or visit the Trade Show Reports page for this one and others.

It was a good show. Of course I didn’t report on everything, just what was interesting to me and my readers. You’ll find this to be particularly software-free, so you won’t find reports on new plug-ins, but cool hardware abounds.

A note (there’s always something):  I may have been a little casual with the TASCAM DR-10X plug-on miniature recorder when I wrote “Phantom power ….Fugeddaboudit!” To clarify, the DR-10X uses a AAA battery and does not supply phantom power. Its target application is ENG, where an omni dynamic mic such as the EV 635 is commonly used.

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Webinar – Power Management for Audio/Video Systems – September 23, 2014


The power management webinar on September 4 had a problem: No audio!  Apparently there was a problem with the Go To Meeting server. It’s been re-scheduled for September 23. Hopefully the bugs will have been squashed by then.

On Tuesday September 23, Herman AV is sponsoring an on-line webinar presented by SurgeX, a manufacturer of power protection equipment. Specialist Lauren Simmen of SurgeX will discuss the different ways of providing power protection, surge suppression vs. surge elimination, UPS devices, common-mode noise and other power anomalies. Since not everyone and every location has the same problems, this webinar will help you decide what’s the most effective solution for your particular setup.

This webinar, along with all of the previous ones (some are great, some not so hot) are archived here.


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Prism Sound Lyra 1 Review Posted

As an individual reviewer (as opposed to a magazine or big web site) I rarely get the opportunity to get my hands on a really top tier product. Having had some experience with Prism’s high quality A/D converters, I’ve been bugging them for over a year to get one of their USB interfaces for a review. Being a smaller company, Prism don’t have a large number of units to pass out to reviewers (the big boys get them first) but they finally came up with one for me.

The Lyra is quite a bit more expensive than the usual fare here, but the quality was apparent from first listen and it held up through use for the fairly short period that I had it. Even if you can’t afford it, you’ll find it educational to read the review.

Visit the Product Reviews section or, if you can’t wait, jump directly to the Lyra 1 review here.

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Moog Foundatin Raffle to support Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool is a 10-week elementary school curriculum to teach children the science of sound through music. It’s presently being taught in schools in and around Ashville, North Carolina, but they’re looking to expand it in the coming years. To raise money for this project, the Moog Foundation is holding a raffle. Tickets are $50, and you could win:

Oh, or you could also win one of the grand prizes, a 2014 Subaru Outback station wagon or BRZ coupe (which you could sell for enough to put together a classic Moog modular synthesizer setup.

Tickets can be purchased now through September 5 2014 by visiting the Bob Moog Foundation’s online store.

Support a good educational cause.

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