Sony Wireless Sale Extended

If you’re kicking yourself for not taking advantage of Sony’s Black Friday sale on wireless stage systems, it’s back on, or maybe it was never off. Scroll down a few posts for details, or just visit the Sony Store.

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Choosing A Loudspeaker By Practical Listening – a useful article from Dynaudio Professional

The Dynaudio Professional group of TC Electronic has published an informative article with suggestions on how to listen and what to listen for when evaluating a loudspeaker. There are some pretty good tips here, as well as some tests for setting up and calibrating speakers. The test and setup articles are based on the Dynaudio Air DSP speaker series, but it’s good reading for any speaker.

Check it out here

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The Last Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Manual

If you’re paying attention, you may have noticed a new entry on the top level menu for the Mackie hard disk recorder. I love mine and I’ve been doing my best to help people keep theirs alive. Several years ago I published a book entitled The Last Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Manual and had a little web site with a link to it. As of March 2014, Verizon, bless their hearts, has chosen not to host web sites any longer, so that one will go away. I’ve moved the information on the book as well as some useful download links for Mackie recorder owners over to this web page where hopefully they’ll remain until all the HDR24/96 and MDR24/96 recorders die.

Unfortunately for owners of the SDR24/96, this book isn’t really going to be of much help. That recorder was designed outside of Mackie and there’s very little documentation to work from other than the manual. I never had an SDR so I never dug into it. If you do, I hope it’s still working.

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Focusrite 18i8 USB Audio Interface Review Posted

4 mic inputs, up to 8 analog line inputs, 2 instrument DIs, ADAT optical input expansion, two independent headphone outputs. Typical Focusrite excellent sound quality and build. 24-bit up to 96 kHz sample rate, a fine unit for the recording duo or a studio that’s starting small but looking ahead to when more mics are needed.

Visit the Product Reviews page or if you’re impatient, read or download the review here.

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Webinar – Understanding FFT Analysis – Wednesday December 18, 2013

On Wednesday, December 18, Prism Sound will present a webinar on the fundamentals of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis. There will be two sessions, 9 AM and 1 PM Eastern time (2 PM and 6 PM GMT).

If this term is new to you, FFT is a computer-based method of displaying the frequency content of a waveform. With today’s distortion levels numerically approaching zero in nearly any spec sheet you read, it’s often useful to understand what constitutes that small amount of distortion. An FFT analysis can show this. FFT analysis is also useful to look for dominant or lacking frequencies in a mix as a guide to making it sound better.

Prism makes some pretty expensive test gear for FFT analysis, but there are a number of DAW programs and plug-ins that allow you to at least get a look at a spectrum using the tools you probably already have. If you’re interested in learning what FFT is and how it might be useful to you, check out this webinar. Prism’s on-line lecture/demos are consistently well done and are at a level that can be understood by most anyone with a basic knowledge of recording technology.

To get further info and registar for the webinar, click here.

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Nomad Factory Fundraising Sale Through December 31

One of the partners of plug-in maker Nomad Factory, Bernie Torelli, has been hospitalized and, like many working for small independent companies, his medical bills are staggering. Nomad Factory, through their distributor Don’t Crack has placed their full line of plug-ins on sale through December 31, with 90% of the income from this sale being donated to subsidize Bernie’s medical expenses. Most are half price with some deeper discounts. If you’ve ever been curious, as I have, as to what an analog tape simulator does, their Magnetic II plug-in is only $19 during this sale. All plug-ins are supplied in both VST and RTAS format.

For links to the plug-in descriptions and on-line ordering, see the complete list at the Don’t Crack web store.

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Black Friday Specials on Sony Wireless Mic/Instrument Systems – Extended

I don’t usually relay these deals, but this one is really good and Sony knows how to make good wireless systems.

Guitar/Bass Wireless System DWZ-B30GB $195.99

Vocal Wireless System (including a mic with interchangeable heads) DWZ-M50 $275.99

Check with your favorite dealer, but it’s possible that these prices are only available on Black Friday direct from Sony, from the links above.

I got another announcement of this price reduction today (December 15) so apparently the offer has been extended. Free shipping, too.

And if you’re not ready to buy yet, there’s a rebate going on through March 31, 2014, $30 for the instrument system, $50 for the vocal system.

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