Sound Around You

I just ran across this a few days ago. It’s is a kind of neat project which involves audio recording, so I thought I’d call your attention to it. It’s not much about recording technology, but more of a sociological project. The Sound Around You project, sponsored by the Research Centre of the University of Salford is asking people world wide to submit a short (10-15 second) clip of ambient sound wherever they are, and it gets posted to a map. They’re not fussy about recording quality – the suggest using a cell phone or some other hand held recorder – but they’re interested in what the area is like and why you chose to submit that sound clip. It’s pretty sparse at this point, but ultimately it could be useful for finding a place to build your studio that’s relatively free of low flying airplanes or everlasting construction projects.

Visit the Sound Around You web site and check it out.


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