Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Utilities

Several of you know me from the Mackie forum and my support for the Mackie hard disk recorders over the years. My book, The Last Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Manual, is still available, but as of July 31, Cafe Press, the publisher, has declared the CD as obsolete, so they are no longer going to sell the companion CD to the book. The CD includes the latest software versions, the original Mackie documentation, and a few useful utilities, including one to reset the BIOS CMOS memory from a floppy disk (no keyboard and monitor required). The utilities from the CD are now available as a free download here.  To keep the size down, I’ve not included the Mackie documentation and software since that’s still available from the Mackie HDR Support web site.

Hopefully it will be a while before the publisher declares books to be obsolete. In the mean time, if you have a Mackie HDR24/96 or MDR24/96 (the SDR was after my time) and don’t have the book, get one so I can keep up the payments on the Ferrari. And enjoy the free utilities if you need ’em.


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