Recording Magazine Adds New Video Series

A lot of the magazines that I used to read diligently have either gone under or gone on-line (I hate reading on-line magazines enough so I just don’t do it), but Recording is still publishing a print edition as well as expanding their web presence. I used to write for them regularly and they squeeze about an article a year out of me, so I feel good about supporting them. They still have a good balance between technical articles, how-to articles, intelligent reviews, new products, and personality profiles. I’m glad they’re still around.

Anyway, they’ve just announced a new series of on-line videos illustrating a range of studio techniques. These are really nicely done with good quality audio and video, The first of the series covers recording guitar – electric, acoustic, and electric bass, and they’re produced jointly by Recording Editor Lorenz Rychner and Michael Schulze, a regular Recording contributor and director of the Audio Production program at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music.

Check out the new videos here and sign up to get notification when new ones are posted.


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