New Old Moog Analog Delay

I don’t usually plug new products, but I don’t mind plugging the introduction of a recreation by the original maker (OK, you can argue that Bob Moog is no longer alive but his company lives on) of an old product that’s become a hard to find classic,

Today  Moog Music Inc. announced the release of its newest Moogerfooger Analog Effects Module, the MF-104M Analog Delay. It’s an update of a classic Moog pedal that retains all of the characteristics of the original plus significant feature and function upgrades not found in other analog delay units.

The Classic MF-104, released in 2000, was designed by synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog. It utilized a special “Bucket Brigade” analog delay chip that allowed the delay pedal to remain completely analog. Unfortunately, the supply of these chips was limited and the final MF-104 was sold in 2001. In 2005 Moog offered two limited reissues of the Classic MF-104; the MF-104Z and the extremely rare MF-104SD, of which only 250 were made.

The new MF-104M features an all-analog signal path with 800ms of all analog delay time, 6 Waveshape LFO, Dedicated Tap Tempo switch assignable to Delay Time or LFO Rate, MIDI control and recall of every function, and Spillover Mode which has been the most popular modification to the MF-104. It uses the same vintage Bucket Brigade chips found in the Classic MF-104 and faithfully recreates the sound of its coveted predecessors. In addition, the MF-104M includes a number of customer requested feature and function upgrades.

This is probably going ot be the end of production for this effect processor once their stock of bucket brigade chips is exhausted. Get ’em while you can.


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