A Grand Piano In Your Pocket?

This sort of thing isn’t my usual cup of tea, but I like pianos and if this is as good as they say, it’s a great example of the computational power of an iGizmo. From the press release:

IK Multimedia announces the release of iGrand Piano, a concert-quality piano app for iPad that features grands, baby grands, uprights and specialty pianos such as a detuned saloon piano and a vintage gramophone piano. Pianos were captured via high-definition sampling across multiple velocities, and offer true-stereo sound, extremely low latency, and a level of playability and expressiveness that’s on par with the best sampled pianos on the Mac and Windows platforms.

The iGrand Piano is available for $19.99/€15.99 from the App Store. For twenty bucks, you get a selection of eight pianos, and nine others can be added through a Piano Expansion Pack available via In-App Purchase. A free version of iGrand Piano is also available, featuring one high-quality grand piano sound

Further info and audio samples are available at the IK Multimedia web site.


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