Etymotic Announces 30 Day No Risk Trial for MusicPRO Active Ear Plugs

If you read my 2012 AES Show report, you read about these ear plugs. If you didn’t see the show report yet, check it out in the Show Reports section, read the excerpt about the MusicPRO plugs here, or check the MusicPRO product web page.  I intend to write up a review of these, but I’m waiting until I have an opportunity to use them around some really loud music. At present, the best workout I’ve given them is with my leaf blower, and they work as expected.

$399 is a lot to drop on a set of ear plugs that don’t yet have much of a reputation, so Etymotic is offering a no-risk 30 day trial. Through January 15, 2013, purchase and try a pair of MusicPRO 9-15 electronic earplugs for 30 days. If you decide to keep them after a 30 day trial, register the earplugs,  complete a brief survey, and Etymotic will sweeten the pot by sending you a free  Etymotic hf3 cobalt headset, a $179 value (this is tailored for an Apple iPod but might work as an earphone with other devices with a TRRS mini jack). If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return the MusicPRO ear plugs for a full refund, including round trip shipping in the continental US.

Order direct from the Etymotic on-line store, Amazon, or other retailer.


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