IK Multimedia Announces iRig Recorder for Android

If you’re an Android user like me, you’ve probably been frustrated by the lack of useful audio applications for it. At NAMM, IK will be introducing iRig Recorder for Andrioid OS devices, and to go along with it, a line of accessories including iRIG MIC, iRIG MIC Cast, and iRIG PRE. iRig Recorder is a free (at least for iOS devices) basic recording application which can be augmented with editing and additional processing tools for purchase.

I’ll be wringing it out at the NAMM show, though honestly I don’t have much hope for getting much use out of it with my Samsung Galaxy tablet for the simple reason that I don’t bellieve it has an audio input other than its built-in mic. Maybe there’s hope with IK’s new interfaces for Androids – I’m quite sure it’ll work with an Android phone, though maybe not every one.  iRig Recorder for Android will be available by the end of January through the Google Play Store, priced at $4.99 (it’s unclear if there will be a free version). Stay tuned. If it’ll run on the platform I have, I’ll review it.

More details from IK Multimedia


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