Herman Pro AV/Furman Power Management Webinar – Feb 21, 2013

DATE: Thursday, February 21, 2013

This webinar, sponsored by Herman Pro AV and presented by Furman Sound, will explore the difference between series, multi-stage surge suppression and standard shunt surge suppression. We will also discuss linear filtering for transverse mode noise vs. non-linear filtering. Lastly, we will cover contractor specific products within the Furman line and the Contractor Series, BlueBolt.

Register for the webinar here. Don’t worry, they don’t send spam, only a reminder of the upcoming webinar and the link for logging in.

These are well presented webinars, and the subject of protection from power line surges and noise is frequently discussed in pro audio forums. There’s lots of both valid and misleading information floating around. Get the scoop from a company that’s been making power management gear for a long time.  While you’re at it, check out other webinars in this series that you might have missed.


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