PreSonus and Me

I know that many of you have come here from the PreSonus forum. Regulars may have noticed my absence from that forum lately (at least my ego hopes you noticed) and may be wondering if I’m still around.

The reason for my absence there is simply that I’ve been kicked off the forum. What I was told was that the company had received “several” e-mails from people who were offended or annoyed by things I had posted on the forum, and asked if I was an employee (probably with intent of getting me fired). Now for the life of me I can’t imagine what I said that would provoke this response, and further, PreSonus’ action as a result, but apparently they decided that despite my frequent detailed explanations, helpful suggestions, and useful solutions, the forum would be better off without me than with me.

To be clear, while I have given presentations at the PreSonuSphere user’s conference (in fact, that event grew out of a suggestion of mine) and written a few white papers as PreSonuSphere handouts, I have never been employed by the company other than for piecework.

I won’t deny that I feel a bit of sour grapes over this – it’s like being fired from a job I didn’t know I had, for reasons that weren’t clear to me. However, I think the company makes good products (it’s why I got involved in the first place) and I’m not going to try to dissuade anyone from buying their gear because I feel they’ve treated me badly.

You’re of course welcome to contact me with any questions you have about their gear (or anything else for that matter) if you think I can be of assistance. Just don’t look for me on the PreSonus forum in the future. As far as I know at this time, I’m unwelcome there and won’t be back.

–  Mike


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