Sony Spectral Layers Pro – Promo Sale Price

Close to half price – $199 through April 26, including the on-line instructional seminar sessions.

This is a really deep “un-bake the cake” program. I’m still trying to figure it out myself so I can’t rave or rant over it, just pass on the info for an interesting approach to editing.

Going beyond the spectrogram editors that are becoming part of some of the popular DAWs, this one allows you, once you’ve identified a characteristic sound in a mix, remove it from the mix, save it as a separate “layer” and then put it back into the mix (or not) at the level and with edits that you choose. It also does straightforward background noise reduction/removal (car horns, barking dogs, sirens, chair squeaks), though honestly, if that’s all you need, there are programs that are easier to use. But if you really want to get into this sort of editing, it’s worth a shot.

To get further details on the program, download a free trial version, or take the $199 plunge, click here



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