Protecting Your Tablet

Seems like there are more and more uses for a tablet or handheld computing device in the pro audio field. These are clearly consumer products (and are built as such) that have crossed over into our field, though we tend not to spend much time in that end of the pool.

This week I had a hankering for a good pastrami sandwich, and the CE Week Line Show was going on in New York (now just a $15-20 bus ride away from Washington where I live), so I went up there for a day to see what’s doing over on the consumer electronics side. This is a pretty compact show, but one thing that caught my eye was how many different “mobile device” cases and covers are available.

Thinking about how these gadgets are being used in live sound and in the studio, I was on the lookout for cases that were designed to ruggedize the device. I haven’t heard any horror stories yet, but I can imagine what might happen when the iPad that’s being used to mix the show gets dropped and dies. There are several rugged cases out there and it would behoove anyone using a tablet or other handheld device in an environment where things aren’t always handled with kid gloves to take a look at what’s available and consider purchasing one.

Ones that seemed to be better among the better designed models came from Lifeproof, Seidio, Targus, and Otter. Not all of them are waterproof, but they’re all drop-resistant and offer some degree of screen protection. Since I posted this, I got a note from a reader who recommended the Griffin Survivor, one that’s water/beer proof. For  iPad-challenged folks like me, there are a few cases for Samsung Android products as well. Another product that these mobile device accessory places offer that might be worth considering is a longer life internal battery.

Check it out if you use your pod or tablet in a mission critical application. A well designed drop-resistant cover could save the gig for you.

Oh, and the Carnegie Deli still makes a good pastrami sandwich. I had half for lunch and the other half for dinner on the bus ride home. Don’t forget to eat when you’re working a long day’s gig.


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