Webinar – Audio and Video Signal Distribution over UTP

Herman Pro AV Webinar

DATE: Thursday, August 1, 2013

I can’t promise how useful this will end up being for audio applications, but a lot the gear that we’ll be seeing within the next year will feature some sort of connectivity over Cat5 Ethernet cable. From the press release:

In this seminar you will explore the electrical characteristics of audio/video signal distribution as a function of the environment in regards to the demands of the installation. You will learn about the practical limitations of using UTP (Cat5e) for audio/video distribution and the practical limitations of using native (coaxial) connectivity solutions.

In addition, you will uncover how A/V signals are adapted to a UTP environment, learn what practical differences may affect your installation when using UTP or native connectivity, and explore the limitations of native versus adapted runs. Explored in depth are HDMI®, DVI-D, and DisplayPort™ (digital TMDS signals), component, VGA and composite (analog video formats), as well as single-ended audio signals and their distribution over coax or twisted-pair wiring.

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