NTi Audio Webinar on Sound Level Measurements November 20-21 2013

NTi Audio, maker of a broad line of test equipment for audio measurements, is offering a free, interactive webinar which discusses the theoretical basis and basic rules for practical and useful sound level measurements.

Sound level measurements are greatly influenced by the environment, so in order to make meaningful measurements, it’s important to understand the basics of sound propagation, reflection and absorption. For example, participants in this webinar will learn which sound disturbances may occur in closed rooms and what can be done about them, or how to determine the noise exposure of a concert audience.

The webinar lasts approximately 1/2 hour

Times (Eastern time zone) for the webinar in English:
Nov 20 – 12:30 AM (for the nightowls), 9:00 AM
Nov 21 – 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM

In German – Nov 20 8:00 AM

Details and registration: click here (scroll down to the schedule at the bottom of the page)


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