Vintage Trade Show Reports Posted

A friend from the newsgroup way back located some NAMM and one AES show report that he had captured from my newsgroup postings. This was from a mostly pre-web era and these reports were newsgroup posts that I made reporting what i saw at the show that day. They’re not organized by product category nor spell checked and edited very diligently, no pictures, not many URL links (most of which are probably dead by now anyway) but they’re a picture of what was happening in the late 1990s. You might enjoy reminiscing or reading for the first time what was hot back then, and being glad that we don’t have to do it that way any more.

Gil Griffith of Wave Distribution once introduced me to someone as “Mike was blogging about shows before the word ‘blog’ was invented.” These are some early blogs. Visit the Trad Show Reports page, or go directly to them here:

NAMM Winter 2000
NAMM Winter 1999
NAMM Winter 1998
NAMM Summer 1997
NAMM Winter 1997

AES 1998



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