2015 Winter NAMM Show Report Posted

My report from the 2015 Winter NAMM show is now up. It’s a PDF with pictures and links to product web pages.

No sooner do I post one of these things that someone doesn’t point out an error. Sometimes I fix it, sometimes I let it go if it’s not important. I’ve been waiting several days for a response from Focusrite on an imortant (to me, anyway) feature of their new Clarett series of interfaces, and I figure that the best way to get that answer to arrive is to post the report. So there most certainly be a revision to the Clarett section in the near future, and I’ll post it here.

If a direct link to the show report file gets spread around, it won’t take long for that to be obsolete, so please go to the Trade Show Reports page here where the link to the 2015 NAMM report will be updatated to point to the latest version. I should have thought of this a long time ago.


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