2015 NAMM Show Report – Updated 2/9/2015

I’ve updated the report with some info that I received from Focusrite over the weekend. The link on the Show Reports page takes you to the updated version. No need to download the whole thing again if you’ve downloaded it previously.

In my initial report, I pondered about the possible lack of a built-in monitor mixer and its associated application for the Focusrite Claret series since neither the literature nor the web page mentioned it. I’ve been assured that there will be one, though there’s still some work going on and we won’t see these trickle out at least until June.

Also, in the original report, I mused that a Claret mated to an iPad would probably make a nice portable recording setup. Turns out, though, that when I went looking for an adapter or cable to go between the Claret’s Thunderbolt port and the iPad’s Lightning port, I couldn’t find one. When the Lightning port first came out, I was told that it was just a physically smaller version of Thunderbolt, but apparently this is not so, and they don’t talk to each other. Too bad. Forgive me if I got anyone’s hopes up. I’m not an Apple user.


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