News From The Bob Moog Foundation

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a raffle for a vintage Moog Liberation synthesizer. This is a fundraiser to support the Foundation’s projects and runs through April 20, 2015 or until all 2,000 tickets are sold. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased through the Foundation’s website. Included with the synthesizer is an original owner’s manual for the Liberation, written by Rock Wehrmann in 1980. The Moog Liberation is a guitar-shaped synthesizer, sometimes known as a Key-tar. It was introduced in 1980, and provided freedom to move around stage while playing.

For more about the Moog Liberation and information on how to participate in the raffle, visit the Moog Spring Raffle web page.

In other news, back in August 2014, in the interest in preserving vinatage instruments and to celebrate their 8th anniversary, the Bob Moog Foundation released a series of technical drawings and schematic diagrams from their technical library, some hand drawn by Bob himself. They’re making this effeort in the interest of preserving and repairing vintage instruments. This month they dusted off another batch. The most recent collection can be found here.   There’s a link near the top of that web page to the first set of drawings.


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