Another Another Sennheiser Mic Presentation – Live, 8 June 2015

This is a talk entitled “The Past, Present and Future of Microphone Technology.” Presented by Wolfgang Fraissinet, Director Audio Recording at Sennheiser and President of Neumann at Full Sail University, you can watch a live stream of the talk at 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on June 8 by clicking on and accessing the link provided. Pre-registration is not necessary for this one.

From the press release (below) I suspect that this one will be more historical than technical/application-orienter, but it’s likely to be interesting, given that Sennheiser and Neuman have been influential in microphone development for a very long time.

“The Past, Present and Future of Microphone Technology” explores the many innovations the microphone industry has experienced from the dawn of recording to the present day, as well as Mr. Fraissinet’s perspective on what the future of microphone technology may hold. Prior to the presentation, Mr. Fraissinet will receive a comprehensive tour of Full Sail University, so get some popcorn ready.


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