Time To Register For The New York AES Show

139th Audio Engineering Society Convention
Jacob Javits Center, New York City
October 29 – November 1 2015

As in the past years, the Audio Engineering Society Convention, in addition to the exhibitors (great toy show), workshops, and technical sessions, will feature the Project Studio Expo produced in association with Sound on Sound Magazine, and (new last year) the Live Sound Expo, produced in association with Pro Sound News. The Project Studio Expo is a series of presentations over a three day period intended to give home recordists tips on how they can better use their tools. Topics include basics such as recording vocals, preparing multitracks for mixing and best practices for proper monitoring, as well as discussions on how to optimize value when it comes to choosing and purchasing equipment, how to design a great project studio, and how to get the most out of a digital audio workstation.

The Live Sound Expo will dedicate the three days to topics related to sound reinforcement in various types of venues. There will be a “Broadway Day,” a “House Of Worship Sound/Fixed Install Day,” and a “Touring Sound Day” – each with dedicated programs consisting of presentations and panels featuring industry leaders.

Access to these Expo programs, as well as the exhibits, and a couple of other events are included with a free Exhibits-Plus pass. Technical sessions cost money. Click 139th AES Registration to get to the AES Convention Registraion web page.

The preliminary program for the 139th AES Live Sound Expo is posted now. The Project Studio Expo program isn’t out yet, but expect a good set of presentations.



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