Project Studio Expo at the New York 2015 AES – Preliminary Program

The Project Studio Expo is a three day series of lectures, demonstrations, and Q&A sessions sponsored by the Audio Engineering Society, in association with Sound on Sound magazine and Prism Sound.

October 30 through November 1

Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY

This year’s presenters on the PSE Stage for days one and two are slated to include respected industry veterans Craig Anderton, Larry Crane, Fab Dupont, Brian Jackson, Manhattan Producers Alliance, Hugh Robjohns, Mike Senior, John Storyk and Paul White. Topics cover a wide range of interesting and relevant topics, both practical and technical.

On the third day of the Project Studio Expo, November 1, premier sponsor Prism Sound will take over the PSE Stage to present their “Mic to Monitor” series of educational seminars and workshops. Targeted at all levels of music production and engineering attendees, Mic to Monitor aims to dispel the many myths surrounding the recording process. The events answer all-important questions, such as what makes great gear “great,” what it takes to become a successful and in-demand audio engineer, how recording professionals tackle different aspects of their productions, and how a hit sound is achieved. Each seminar features presentations from recording professionals, with audience Q&A, and an opportunity to demo and win recording equipment.

PRELIMINARY TOPICS and Presenters(subject to change)

Project Studio Expo Sessions:
• Paul White: Making the Most of Your Studio Purchasing Budget
• Mike Senior : The Five Most Common Project Studio Recording Mistakes
• Outside the Box: Alternative Outlets for Your Music
• Hugh Robjohns: Levels, Headroom, and Loudness
• Craig Anderton* – Whatever he decides to talk about, it’ll be good.
• Larry Crane: The REAL Skills You Need to Record Professionally
• Personal Networking for the Audio Professional
• John Storyk*: Acoustic treatment for the proproject studio, I’ll bet
• Mike Senior: Mixing an Ensemble Recording
• Fab Dupont*: Most likely something about plug-ins, since he’s a majore developer
• A panel, I suspect*: Audio as a Business: Building and Developing a Career
• Mic to Monitor (an all day Prism Sound seminar on Sunday)

* Presenter or topic not yet announced

Click here for registration information (you’ll need a FREE Exhibits Plus pass) and further details as they’re announced.


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