Attending The 2016 Winter NAMM Show – Anaheim, California – January 21-24

The NAMM show is coming up, so it’s the season when people start asking if anyone knows how to get a  NAMM Show “ticket.” It’s always been pretty much of a closed thing – industry only – though members, which probably include your friendly local music store, usually have a few extra badge slots available. You can ask. The deadline for free member registration is January 6, so check out your possibilities soon.

Last  year they had an “Industry Professional” category for non-members which included studio owners, free lance engineers, those working with school or church music groups and such. That seems to have gone away, but they have a Generation Next program targeted to students and college faculty. I have received some some slightly confusing information on registering for this (and maybe a related) program, but here’s what I know:

Here’s a link to the Generation Next NAMM web page   Note the promo code NS16GN. If you qualify as a “Generation Next” the promo code gets you a badge for $25. Otherwise, general non-member registration is $50.

Here’s the link to get started with the non-member registration:

The registration is a little clumsy to navigate. If you click on the wrong button, it will tell you to sign in to register, and you probably haven’t done that yet. If the general non-member link or the Generation Next link doesn’t take you directly to the registration form, start at Step 1 below. If you’re at the registration form, then jump ahead to Step 5.

(Step 1:  Go to NAMM.Org)

(Step 2: Under the NAMM Show tab at the top of the page (Don’t click the REGISTER NOW button), you will see ATTEND, click on ATTEND)

(Step 3: Below the words the Musical Tribes, you will see 5 circles for

(Step 4: SCROLL DOWN. You will see a rectangular box in which it says APPLY TO ATTEND
THE NAMM SHOW, Click on this box)

Step 5: You now see the Registration Application page, Click the BLUE
box which says Begin Application on the left side where it says Need to

Step 6: This page will ask you if you are a NAMM member?  Click NO

Step 7: A drop down box will appear asking you if you would like to
become a member, Click NO, begin application.  You are applying for our
NEXT GENERATION Program. Don’t forget the Promo Code above.

Step 8: Finally, the last step…you will see your application page.
Don’t forget to create and remember your PASSWORD

I didn’t go through the full application myself but I did notice that it asks for a web site and a business card. Be prepared.

I’ll be there and will almost certainly be publishing my show report here a few days after the show.




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