NAMM 2016 Tidbits – Last Day

Sunday is the best and worst day to visit the show. Best because it’s not as crowded as the other days, worst because, since there’s not much traffic at the booths, the booth staff takes the opportunity to wander around the show floor, leaving a skeleton crew who doesn’t know enough to answer technical questions. I wanted to have a look at the Tactus mixer control surface from Crest (not really new, but I wanted to add it to my control surface ramblings) but nobody there knew anything about it when I got to their room Sunday morning. Oh, well.

While many of the usual plug-in and software manufacturers had booth space in the main halls, this year NAMM devoted one of the upstairs rooms to software, with more than 20 exhibitors in a fairly quiet room. I don’t know enough about the products to learn much there, but I did chat with a couple of the exhibitors about how they liked having that dedicated space. They really liked it, but because it wasn’t all that well publicized, and was at the far end of hallway that spanned the full width of the convention center, a lot of attendees just didn’t make it up there. I only stumbled across it when looking for the Crest Tactus in the Peavey room next door.

Stevie Wonder is a regular visitor at NAMM shows, and this year, not once, but twice, I was overshadowed by The Wonder Experience. Once I had to wait to cross an aisle while his entorage was given the right of way with escorts from security. Not a big deal. But Sunday I wanted to stop back at the Waves booth to get a little quieter demo of the Waves NX, which, as far as I could tell, is a plug-in to simulate listening room environments. Focusrite had something like that a few years ago (there’s a review of it here) and I was curious as to what direction Waves was taking with it. Their blurb was about how you could have a high class mastering room in your headphones. Well, wouldn’t you know it – Just as I snagged someone to give me a demo, he looked around and said “Stevie Wonder is heading over here and I have to give him a tour.” Of course I couldn’t tag along.

I’ll get all this stuff organized into a real report next week. I live in the Washington DC area and I’m not coming home until Saturday. There’ll be plenty of snow to keep me indoors and working. My neighbor got someone to shovel out my walkway, but he didn’t realize that my car was in the garage about 150 feet back from the street. Oops!



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