Book Review Posted – Sylvia Massy “Recording Unhinged”

Recording engineer, producer, musician, author, artist, lecturer, and lover of vintage gear and coffee has written a book. It’s not a “how to” book. There are no secret settings or techniques here, but it’s a deep view into the working life of an experienced producer emphasizing what she does to make her productions unique. About half the book is her own writing and illustrating, the rest being short articles contributed by other engineers and producers who she knows and has worked with over the years.

It’s a really fun read, a great coffee table book, and you can get a copy just in time for Christmas.  $29.95 in hardback. And before you ask, I don’t see it available as an e-Book, at least not yet.

Find it on the Book Reviews page or click here to download the PDF directly.

or order it direct from your favorite on-line book store or Hal Leonard Books


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