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The Audio Engineering Society convention in New York is getting close, and so is the deadline for on-line free registration for the core package which includes the exhibits, all of the educational programs that are  presented in the exhibits area, and a couple of other things. The link for registration and the promo code is in the next post down from here.

Also, remember that the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Fall show is concurrent with AES this year, so your AES registration also gives you access to the NAB exhibits.

And while I’m at it, there’s a little more information about AES at NAMM, a program that I’ve  been somewhat skeptical about. What AES is doing is coordinating a program of, if I recall correctly, 22 classes that will be half or full day, fee-paid classes. Neither the agenda nor the fee schedule have  been released yet, and while I’m sure there will be some good material and good instructors on the bill, the cost might be an issue. One bonus – and this may be an important opportunity for some of you – is that registration in any of the classes gets you a NAMM badge, something that’s (at least intended to be) out of reach for working musicians and engineers who aren’t involved in the selling end of things.

I don’t expect more than a small handful of people who regularly attend the NAMM show will get very deep into this program, but I think that what AES is hoping is that it will attract audio professionals who wouldn’t normally attend the NAMM show. It’s also an opportunity for people out west to get some of the training that goes on at AES conventions without coming to New York – an important consideration since, as a result of the AES and NAB NY partnership, next year’s AES convention won’t be on the west coast either.



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