Sound Toys Plug-In Sale Sept 20-21 with proceeds going to aid hurricane Harvey and Irma survivors

On September 20 & 21 – for two days only – Sound Toys is offering Little AlterBoy, Little PrimalTap, Little MicroShift, Little Radiator and Devil-Loc for $10 each (reg. $79-99), with 100% of proceeds for ALL sales those two days donated to Team Rubicon USA.  Team Rubicon is an organization of retired military veterans who provide their specialized experience toward disaster relief. Build up your plug-in library and help disaster victims too. These are the real deal, full versions of the Sound Toys “Little” series with no strings attached.

If I understand the deal, it’s not just proceeds from the sale of those “Littles” that are going to the disaster relief group, but includes other plug-ins and upgrades to any existing Sound Toys plug ins that you presently own.

Visit the Soundtoys  web site to place your orders.




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