AES @ NAMM – The Class Schedule

They finally got something published, probably subject to updates. A quick look suggests that there’s more practical things to be learned here in the areas of live sound that in the studio, but it all depends on how much you know and what you don’t know. There’s not a lot of detail describing the classes, and a lot of them are repeated througout the four days of the show. If your schedule is flexible and you can go on any day, you can probalby pick a day that will be more productive for what you’d like to learn. And remember that you get a NAMM show badge as part of your class registration (actually it’s the other way around but . . ) so be sure to take advantage of that and spend a day kicking tires.

One thing worth noting is that they’ve scaled back the “penalty” for not being an AES member. Now it’s only $20 more for non-members as opposed to $100 more that was in the previous announcement. The cost for a half-day looks a little wonky in the table. I’m guessing that the morning and afternoon sessions cost the same, $69 for AES members, $89 for non-AES members. They’re still encouraging you to join AES, and I support that too.

Fee Delegate Category
$129 Non-Member 1-Day
$99 AES Member 1-Day
$89 Non-Member 1/2-day AM
$69 AES Member 1/2-day PM


Follow this link for the current version of the full schedule of AES @ NAMM classes.


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