New Review/Article – Understanding Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and a Short Review of Three Inexpensive DMMs

In an upcoming article as part of my occasional Trust But Verify series in  Recording Magazine, (guessing around the February or March 2018 issue) I described how a digital multimeter (DMM) could be used for measuring some parameters of audio equipment. Since not every musician or recording hobbyist following this series already owns a DMM, I thought that some guidance in choosing one might be useful, hence this article. Since I hadn’t looked at the marketplace since I bought my meter more than 30 years ago, I reached out to Circuit Specialists, a knowledgable and friendly distributor of electronics tools and parts, and got the loan of three DMMs costing less than $50 to evaluate.

Now I think that everybody finding his or her way to this web site should have a DMM. So if you want to join that club, here’s some background information which will help you understand some specifications and terminology that aren’t common beyond the area of electronic test equipment.

Check out the Technical Articles section here, or jump directly to the DMM article/review here.


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