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New Review/Article – Understanding Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and a Short Review of Three Inexpensive DMMs

In an upcoming article as part of my occasional Trust But Verify series inĀ  Recording Magazine, (guessing around the February or March 2018 issue) I described how a digital multimeter (DMM) could be used for measuring some parameters of audio … Continue reading

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New Technical Article – Talkin’ Taters

I’ll confess to being a raving fan of producer/engineer Sylvia Massy, who comes up with clever and frequently wacky techniques to get something new in a recording. She created the “potato filter” – a potato wired in series with the … Continue reading

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New Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Tip Posted

I recently got an inquiry from a HDR user about how to get around the Error 50 message he was seeing when importing a file into a project. That prompted me to check out the old remedy, verify that it … Continue reading

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Compact Mixer Reference Guide

Since Mackie reworked their support web page, one of the things that disappeared was the Compact Mixer Reference Guide that I wrote for them in 2001. I’ve taken the liberty (I’ll eventually ask for permission) to post it here since … Continue reading

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Webinar (OK, a video) about the recently adopted AES67 Standard for Audio over IP

You may or may not have an interest yet in sending audio over IP, but it’s been a hot spot in the broadcast field for 10 years, and it’s going to be a hot spot in live sound within the … Continue reading

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Choosing A Loudspeaker By Practical Listening – a useful article from Dynaudio Professional

The Dynaudio Professional group of TC Electronic has published an informative article with suggestions on how to listen and what to listen for when evaluating a loudspeaker. There are some pretty good tips here, as well as some tests for … Continue reading

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Herman Pro AV/Furman Power Management Webinar – Feb 21, 2013

DATE: Thursday, February 21, 2013 TIME: 2:00 PM EDT This webinar, sponsored by Herman Pro AV and presented by Furman Sound, will explore the difference between series, multi-stage surge suppression and standard shunt surge suppression. We will also discuss linear … Continue reading

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