What This Site is About


Fundamentals never go out of date, but with print magazines going out of style, I decided to set up this site to revive and make available some of my articles about fundamental principles and processes in audio engineering, trade show reports, and product reviews that are long out of print. I hope you’ll find something interesting and useful here. New (and old) material will be added as I dig it out of the closet.

The Perpetrator

I’m Mike Rivers. If you’ve been following pro audio forums for a while, you’ve probably seen my posts. And if you remember the MIDILink Network, hello and bless your heart for sticking around so long. If you were a regular reader of Recording Magazine in 1995-2000, you may have read my “Oops, Wrong Button” (their title, not mine) monthly series of articles on a wide range of useful topics. I’ve also written several product reviews over the years, and have two books to my credit. For the second and third generation users of the Mackie hard disk recorders, I’ve written The Last Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Manual and I was the principal author and editor of The Mackie Compact Mixer Reference Guide.

I’ve done my share of recording over the past 50 years including several years with a remote truck, as Gypsy Studio, primarily recording folk festivals for locally produced albums and radio broadcast. I no longer try to make any money as a recording engineer (the truck turned to rust long ago) but still invite over  musicians that I enjoy hearing to record for the heck of it. Oh, but I AM available for on-site consulting, technical writing, and free lunches at trade shows.

You’re welcome to visit here and leave comments without a subscription, but if you subscribe, you’ll receive an e-mail when something new has been added. You might want to give it a try since I try to add something new every week or two.