Press Releases That May Be Of Interest

I receive megabytes of press releases. Here’s where I’ll post ones that are reasonably current and that I think might interest readers.

June 21 2013

Radial Engineering Announces the Stage Direct DI

I’m not likely to review this, but sometimes I get an announcement for a new product that’s a darn good idea and some of you faithful readers may find useful. Radial Engineering has a large range of direct boxes (DIs) with a variety features, with one thing in common – top notch sound quality whether active or passive.

The new Stage Direct is an active FET-based DI which departs from the usual box format – it’s designed for stage use and is built in a foot pedal format. The foot switch mutes the XLR output so the audience doesn’t hear you tuning, or allows you to mute the output when switching instruments. To help you tune, in addition to the balanced output to the mixer, it has an output jack for connecting a n electronic tuner. I just think it’s clever enough to be worth noting here. More info from Radial Engineering.