Webinar – Sennheiser In-Ear Monitoring/Wireless Webinar Now On Line

In conjunction with Sennheiser’s Sound Academy Training Seriees, Herman ProAV isponsored a live webinar on Wednesday, October 7 from 2 to 4 PM Eastern time discussing the practical usage of In Ear Monitoring systems. Topics will include: traditional wedge monitoring vs in-ear monitoring, modes of operation: stereo, mono, focus (dual mono), mixing IEM’s and RF considerations for wireless IEM systems. In addition, a brief update on the latest from the FCC regarding the proposed sale/repacking of the 600Mhz spectrum will be discussed.

It’s now posted on line for viewing at your leisure. I watched it, and it’s pretty good, particularly if you work with a large number (more than, say eight) of wireless mics or IEMs in a show. It runs about an hour and a half. Here’s the direct link to this webinar. You may need to install the Go To Meeting application on your computer. It appears to be painless, and it’ll take you there if you need it.

There are a number of other interesting webinars at the Herman Pro AV website. Check ’em out when you have some time.

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Project Studio Expo at the New York 2015 AES – Preliminary Program

The Project Studio Expo is a three day series of lectures, demonstrations, and Q&A sessions sponsored by the Audio Engineering Society, in association with Sound on Sound magazine and Prism Sound.

October 30 through November 1

Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY

This year’s presenters on the PSE Stage for days one and two are slated to include respected industry veterans Craig Anderton, Larry Crane, Fab Dupont, Brian Jackson, Manhattan Producers Alliance, Hugh Robjohns, Mike Senior, John Storyk and Paul White. Topics cover a wide range of interesting and relevant topics, both practical and technical.

On the third day of the Project Studio Expo, November 1, premier sponsor Prism Sound will take over the PSE Stage to present their “Mic to Monitor” series of educational seminars and workshops. Targeted at all levels of music production and engineering attendees, Mic to Monitor aims to dispel the many myths surrounding the recording process. The events answer all-important questions, such as what makes great gear “great,” what it takes to become a successful and in-demand audio engineer, how recording professionals tackle different aspects of their productions, and how a hit sound is achieved. Each seminar features presentations from recording professionals, with audience Q&A, and an opportunity to demo and win recording equipment.

PRELIMINARY TOPICS and Presenters(subject to change)

Project Studio Expo Sessions:
• Paul White: Making the Most of Your Studio Purchasing Budget
• Mike Senior : The Five Most Common Project Studio Recording Mistakes
• Outside the Box: Alternative Outlets for Your Music
• Hugh Robjohns: Levels, Headroom, and Loudness
• Craig Anderton* – Whatever he decides to talk about, it’ll be good.
• Larry Crane: The REAL Skills You Need to Record Professionally
• Personal Networking for the Audio Professional
• John Storyk*: Acoustic treatment for the proproject studio, I’ll bet
• Mike Senior: Mixing an Ensemble Recording
• Fab Dupont*: Most likely something about plug-ins, since he’s a majore developer
• A panel, I suspect*: Audio as a Business: Building and Developing a Career
• Mic to Monitor (an all day Prism Sound seminar on Sunday)

* Presenter or topic not yet announced

Click here for registration information (you’ll need a FREE Exhibits Plus pass) and further details as they’re announced.

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TASCAM DR-44WL Hand Held Recorder Review Posted

I was excited when I saw this recorder at the AES show last Fall. My favorite feature was something that I’ve wished for in a mini recorder – a really useful remote controller. Install their app on any Android or Apple mobile device and the recorder’s built-in WiFi host connects to your phone or tablet and provides transport control, track arming, level adjustment, metering, time display, and more.

The recorder and the remote control work really well. There are some quirks and quibbles, of course (otherwise why bother with a review?) but overall TASCAM did a good job with this one, particularly with its more professional-oriented features, though I’d only use its 4-track recording mode (emulating a Portastudio of sorts) on a rainy day at the beach when I was away from my studio.

Visit the Product Reviews page or jump directly to the full review here.

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Time To Register For The New York AES Show

139th Audio Engineering Society Convention
Jacob Javits Center, New York City
October 29 – November 1 2015

As in the past years, the Audio Engineering Society Convention, in addition to the exhibitors (great toy show), workshops, and technical sessions, will feature the Project Studio Expo produced in association with Sound on Sound Magazine, and (new last year) the Live Sound Expo, produced in association with Pro Sound News. The Project Studio Expo is a series of presentations over a three day period intended to give home recordists tips on how they can better use their tools. Topics include basics such as recording vocals, preparing multitracks for mixing and best practices for proper monitoring, as well as discussions on how to optimize value when it comes to choosing and purchasing equipment, how to design a great project studio, and how to get the most out of a digital audio workstation.

The Live Sound Expo will dedicate the three days to topics related to sound reinforcement in various types of venues. There will be a “Broadway Day,” a “House Of Worship Sound/Fixed Install Day,” and a “Touring Sound Day” – each with dedicated programs consisting of presentations and panels featuring industry leaders.

Access to these Expo programs, as well as the exhibits, and a couple of other events are included with a free Exhibits-Plus pass. Technical sessions cost money. Click 139th AES Registration to get to the AES Convention Registraion web page.

The preliminary program for the 139th AES Live Sound Expo is posted now. The Project Studio Expo program isn’t out yet, but expect a good set of presentations.


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Any DJs Here? – New Book For You

DJ-ing isn’t my thing at all, but that doesn’t stop people from sending me press releases about it. Got one today announcing a new book that might be of interest to you if you’re a follower of my humble web site. This book isn’t about the gear, the processing, or the techniques, but rather about the business and how (hopefully) you can get more work and better gigs.

The book, entitled DJ Prophets – Business Strategies from the World’s Experts by Alan Smithson contains chapters about:

  • What is your life purpose?
  • Understanding your audience (Club Owners, Record Labels, & Corporate Clients)
  • Price vs. Value
  • Sales Strategies
  • Marketing 101 (Creating a unique identity and brand, EPK Mastery, etc.)
  • Legal Considerations
  • Marketing Tools (How to write effective emails, Press Releases, Social Media, etc.)

And the good news is that the first 10,000 copies are available as a free PDF download. If you’re interested, go to the DJProphets web site and see if the free download is still available. I suppose when the first 10,000 are gone, there’ll be an order blank instead of a download link in exchange for your e-mail address (which he promises not to share).

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Another Another Sennheiser Mic Presentation – Live, 8 June 2015

This is a talk entitled “The Past, Present and Future of Microphone Technology.” Presented by Wolfgang Fraissinet, Director Audio Recording at Sennheiser and President of Neumann at Full Sail University, you can watch a live stream of the talk at 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on June 8 by clicking on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZEjtH7n6JE and accessing the link provided. Pre-registration is not necessary for this one.

From the press release (below) I suspect that this one will be more historical than technical/application-orienter, but it’s likely to be interesting, given that Sennheiser and Neuman have been influential in microphone development for a very long time.

“The Past, Present and Future of Microphone Technology” explores the many innovations the microphone industry has experienced from the dawn of recording to the present day, as well as Mr. Fraissinet’s perspective on what the future of microphone technology may hold. Prior to the presentation, Mr. Fraissinet will receive a comprehensive tour of Full Sail University, so get some popcorn ready.

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Herman Pro AV/Sennhriser Microphone Webinar – Now Archived On-Line

Audio For Video and Film Production Webinar

Presented by Herman ProAV and Sennheiser

The live Webinar has been here and gone, but it’s now archived on line. Having seen it, I can tell you that it’s a good primer on microphone types, construction, characteristics, and usage.

This two-hour course starts with microphone basics, as it relates to production sound for film and video. This webinar also delves into a practical approach to capturing great audio in the field by understanding the real capability of the microphones used and the technology behind them so that the right tool can be chosen depending on the application.

Sennheiser’s microphone presentations are always informative and well done. What you will learn here is applicable to microphones used for any application, not just audio-for-videons.

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