Herman Pro AV/Sennhriser Microphone Webinar – Now Archived On-Line

Audio For Video and Film Production Webinar

Presented by Herman ProAV and Sennheiser

The live Webinar has been here and gone, but it’s now archived on line. Having seen it, I can tell you that it’s a good primer on microphone types, construction, characteristics, and usage.

This two-hour course starts with microphone basics, as it relates to production sound for film and video. This webinar also delves into a practical approach to capturing great audio in the field by understanding the real capability of the microphones used and the technology behind them so that the right tool can be chosen depending on the application.

Sennheiser’s microphone presentations are always informative and well done. What you will learn here is applicable to microphones used for any application, not just audio-for-videons.


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